Certified Teacher

Position Summary: Teachers are under the direct supervision of the Lead Teacher.  This position is responsible for providing adequate and complete supervision and learning experiences that are appropriate to the individual needs, interests, abilities, and competencies of YBMC students.   Teachers prepare dynamic, creative curriculum that fosters a love of learning, meets education standards and provides the instruction of skills needed to be successful in life after YouthBuild.  Teachers create rigorous, individualized educational experiences that will lead students towards the completion of their high school diploma or General Education diploma (GED) as applicable. 

Necessary Requirements:  Must communicate effectively with program participants, students, co-workers and members of the public in writing, in person, using computer applications and on the telephone.  Must have reliable transportation.  Must have a strong commitment to helping young people succeed in an innovative training program, to reorient their lives, nurture their leadership skills and enable them to make a difference in their community.  Must have strong critical thinking skills to identify problems and arrive at timely solutions.  Must believe in the mission of YouthBuild McLean County and be supportive of the organization’s strategies to help improve the lives of people we serve.

Physical Requirements:  Normal sitting, standing and walking throughout the day.  Must be able to drive a car or ride in a car to travel for training or conduct organization business.  Vision and hearing as are sufficient to carry out tasks and engage in normal conversation are necessary.  Perform under stress when confronted with emergency, critical, unusual, or dangerous situations.   

Education/Experience:  Bachelors degree and teaching certification are required. Experience working with students in alternative education is preferred.

Please send resume and cover letter to careers@ybmc.org