Below you will find a comprehensive list of all major rules and regulations that clubs and club leaders are expected to abide by. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send an email to site instructor Chris Johnson (cjohnson@ybmc.org). Please review club rules before submitting an application. Club application forms can be filled out here.



  • All clubs must have a clearly defined selection structure for new leadership to ensure continuity from year to year.
  • Clubs cannot discriminate membership or leadership based on race, religion, age, ethnic or national origin, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, or income; exceptions for the gender requirement and physical ability requirement may be made if in direct alignment with the club’s express purpose and mission.
  • All club leaders and members are expected to act in accordance with the YouthBuild Handbook.
  • Clubs must make their meeting schedule available to the student body. Clubs must be announced in morning meetings conducted by student leaders.
  • All equipment or capital purchases must be stored in a YouthBuild ­approved location for safekeeping.
  • Other members of the YouthBuild community may attend the organizations activities, events and meetings. This includes current staff, administration, alumni and summer students. Other members cannot vote or hold positions in the club.
  • Clubs are required to have a full-time staff member as their advisor. Advisors are to serve in a non-voting capacity.
  • Clubs must have at least 5 active members.
  • Voting can only occur is more than 50% of members are present. Each member counts for one vote.



  • Prospective new clubs must fill out a club application and submit a 25.00$ application fee. Each member thereafter must pay 5.00$ in order to join the club.
  • All applications must be reviewed by YBMC student leaders to ensure that clubs follow all rules and regulations.
  • Club leaders must have at least 60% attendance rate in order to submit a club application.
  • Each application requires a logo that represents what the club is about. Logos must be saved as a.jpeg and sent to media@ybmc.org. 


  • For every activity/event prepare a sign-up sheet and submit it to media@ybmc.org
  • All events must be approved by the YBMC planning committee. To request an event or reserve a space click here.
  • Events are required to announced in morning meeting by student leaders. Please plan ahead when preparing an event.